Art as an expression

I remember my early tryst with sketching and painting. Every time I remember it I yearn to live those moments again. I would sit in my room on the study table with a blank A4 size paper, there would be colors and set of paint brushes. Once I would start creating something time would just flow fast… I mean it would take me deep into the midnight and I wonder the experience of oneness with it.
Then after whenever I would find time, I would go back to painting to re-live those moments. I have developed a great liking for charcoal, and pencil lately. Portraits and figure study are my favorite subjects sometimes I even make caricatures and cartoons. For me painting is like meditation, your simply recreate what you see. Without any meaning… you observe an object or a person and create it exactly the way you perceive it. It simply is. For every person it may carry a different meaning. It is a great form of creation! An artist is an observer, a creator who creates magic with his pencils, and colors. Basically a painting or sketching is just an idea. There is a blank paper or a canvas and then with whatever technique you have mastered you simply put your idea on that blank space.

You will find a painting to be the most expensive form of art compared to any other forms. Someone told me that it is because that other forms of art follows a set of rules, but a real valuable painting breaks all the rules and give a very powerful message. Even before the languages there were sketches of people and animal on cave walls. We hear about the paintings on cave walls by the early cavemen. Probably it was the earliest expression of an object by the human in form of art!