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I would like to introduce myself as a participant, an observer, and someone who is practicing to be a witness to this wonderful experience called life. Born and brought up in the urban eco system of Mumbai, which always inspires, empowers each one who calls it home.

I have many facets to my personality a poet, an artist, a singer, an entrepreneur and trainer. I kept discovering these sides of me while growing up, never really knowing who was the real me?!! It took me a long time to realize that it is a process of a lifetime to become and I am just a learner, in a process of becoming.

For me the process of learning is unending, and I like it that way.

Here I share some of my work in poems, figure study, singing etc. and would like to collaborate with work that inspires me.

A warm welcome once again to this website!

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Seeing the colourful world and expressing the emotions through water color is an ecstatic experience


The real beauty of painting lies in the drawing! Pencil and charcoal are magical media

Art Therapy

Art truly heals the soul… after all it is the unresolved issues unsaid conversations that are allowed to be expressed through art

My Upcoming Events

Art Exhibition of portraits of Sunil Sagar Ji on 11th – 17th March ’22

  • 25+ portraits by charcoal and pencil
  • Spiritual awakening message through art

My Artworks

Showcasing some of my best work

Art Therapy

Let’s experience transformation creatively


Individual therapy for Children Adolescents Students in therapeutic training Children, young people or adults who can benefit from art therapy may have a wide range of difficulties, or diagnoses. People experiencing emotional difficulties can find that their focus on school, work, hobbies or relationships can become affected.
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Group / Corporate

Creative Therapy themed Workshops.

These offer a chance to experience creativity within a corporate run by an art therapist on a short term basis. Raising awareness of mental health and emotional wellbeing, and training relating to specific work responsibility issues.
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Art as an expression

I remember my early tryst with sketching and painting. Every time I remember it I yearn to live those moments...

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Music eternal rhythm

Sometimes I think singing is a form of art that connects you to the eternal music. Music has no language,...

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Poetry – Painting through words

I started writing poems when I was 20, I got my inspiration from a friend who wrote wonderful two liners....


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