Music eternal rhythm

Sometimes I think singing is a form of art that connects you to the eternal music. Music has no language, it has connected different cultures, languages and people across the world. I love to sing because it adds a dimension to my expression. It allows you to convey the emotions powerfully.

When I was in the school, I remember singing in the classroom and everyone listening in a pin drop silence! I used to win 1st prize every year in singing competition. Later during my college days I developed a liking for guitar which was simply to accompany me while singing. I would sit hours alone on my terrace with guitar, humming popular Bollywood numbers.

Like everyone I grew up listening to Bollywood music and was also inclined to gazal’s by Jagjit Singh. Following my favorite playback singers had been my favorite hobby of childhood. It was all so much inspiring to me. I would sing cover of contemporary romantic songs on guitar and share with my friends over Facebook or WhatsApp.

I even had a brief training in classical singing in a music school near my home. My writing skills enabled me to compose a few songs. I am inclined to spiritual and meaningful lyrics. For me music is all about resonating with the vibrations that connects to the emotions.

Music has the power to heal. There is this eternal rhythm of life and there is also music that happens within you. When you are really quite and silent you can feel your heart beats, your breath, your blood flowing through your veins.

If you have an ear for you can hear music all around you. Unfortunately, in today’s world there is so much noise that one gets lost in it. Singing gives me a feeling of being complete, I feel so happy and emptied of all the emotions.